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CSC2014 inorganic mixer to be held in popular Gastown pub!

The upcoming CSC2014 meeting in Vancouver will feature excellent symposia, talks, and posters. However, there is much to be said about the social aspects of the conference, where old friends can catch up and new friendships are created. As part of the all-important social events, we are glad to announce details of the Inorganic Mixer, which is always one of the highlights! The mixer will be held on Wednesday evening (June 4th starting at 8pm) at the Blarney Stone, an extremely popular pub at the heart of historic Gastown. A quick 10-15 minute walk from the Conference Centre, the location promises to provide all the best that Inorganic Mixers have to offer - drinks, music, and great company! Remember that tickets can only be obtained from either Charles Walsby and/or the Inorganic Session Chairs so remember to get your ticket as soon as you are at the conference. We look forward to seeing you at the Blarney Stone! For more details, please go to the following link.