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CSC2014 - only ten days away!

 We are just ten days away from the start of the CSC2014 meeting at the Convention Centre in Downtown Vancouver. The schedule looks amazing (take a look for yourself here) and we are looking forward to seeing all of you there. As you prepare your schedule for the conference, keep in mind the following items that should be of particular note for members of the inorganic division are as follows:

AGWIC Lecture - M. Dasog
M0nday @ 9:20am
Room 214
Steacie Award Lecture - A. B. P.  Lever
Monday @ 2pm
West Ballroom B
Strem Award Lecture - P. Ragogna
Monday @ 4:20pm
West Ballroom B
Rio Tinto Alcan Award Lecture - M. Stillman
Monday @ 5pm
West Ballroom B
AURIC Lecture - E. Bowes
Tuesday @ 3:20pm
Room 214
Inorganic Poster Session
Tuesday @ 5:40pm
West Ballroom C & D
CCUCC Doctoral Award Lecture - Gab Ménard
Wednesday @ 9:20am
Room 211
CIC Medal Award Lecture - Doug Stephan
Wednesday @ 11:40am
West Ballroom B
Inorganic Division Annual General Meeting
Wednesday @ 5:40pm
Room 109
Inorganic Mixer
Wednesday @ 8pm
Blarney Stone Pub