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Doctoral Student in Chemistry - University of Jyvaskyla


The Doctoral Student will be working in an Academy of Finland funded project Functional Organic Radical Materials: Molecular radicals as conductors (FOR-Mat). The Doctoral Student will explore the synthesis and functionalities of novel multi-orbital organic/inorganic molecular radicals. The main focus will be on the conductivity and magnetic properties of the molecular radicals. Structural characterization by single-crystal and/or powder X-ray diffraction methods will be used in combination with standard spectroscopic, thermogravimetric, electrochemical, and analytical methods to characterize all materials. The potential application of these materials in next generation technologies will be explored through international collaboration. The expected term is for 3 years.

The candidate should hold a MSc degree (or equivalent) in chemistry or related fields with a strong back ground or interest in organic and/or main group inorganic chemistry. The candidate should be highly motivated, organized and capable of working in both a team environment and independently. The candidate should have some hands-on experience in experimental techniques and standard spectroscopic techniques. Experience with air-free synthetic chemistry would be considered an asset. Candidates that are also interested in theoretical chemical physics or computational chemistry are encouraged to apply. Candidates should be open to or willing to travel within the EU for collaboration for short periods or extended research visits.

University of Jyvaskyla