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Postdoctoral position in Fe and Co-based catalysis at the University of Rochester


The Neidig group at the University of Rochester has an open position for postdoctoral research. Current research in the Neidig group is focused on understanding the active species and mechanism of non-precious metal catalysis in organic transformations with a focus of iron-catalyzed cross-coupling and iron- and cobalt-catalyzed direct C-H functionalization. Our research combines air-sensitive syntheses of organometallic complexes relevant to catalysis and reaction studies combined with detailed spectroscopic and theoretical studies.

For the current position, we are seeking a talented synthetic chemist to work in the area of iron catalyzed cross-coupling as part of a recently funded NIH project. The project will involve significant synthetic studies as well as EPR, MCD, Mössbauer and resonance Raman investigations combined with DFT studies. Extensive prior experience in inorganic and/or organometallic synthesis is essential. Experience in the preparation of air-sensitive compounds, anaerobic techniques and crystallography would be especially relevant. No prior experience with inorganic spectroscopic methods or DFT is required as these skills can be readily obtained upon joining our group. This position will initially be for one year with the possibility of renewal by mutual agreement. As funds are currently available, the start
date is flexible. Interested applicants should forward a CV and two letters of recommendation to Prof. Michael Neidig ( If you have any questions concerning this position, feel free to contact Prof. Neidig.

University of Rochester