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Prosser wins 2019 AGWIC Award

Award for Graduate Work in Inorganic Chemistry
year awarded: 
Kathleen Prosser
Simon Fraser University

Kathleen Prosser is an accomplished medicinal inorganic chemist with a diverse skill-set from inorganic synthesis to the fundamental aspects of spectroscopy.  Prosser started research in 2010, received a BSc from Mount Allison University in 2013 and was awarded an NSERC Alexander Graham Bell Graduate Scholarship in 2013. A strong start in the graduate program at SFU led to a NSERC Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship in 2015.  As a co-author on 12 research publications, with 3 manuscripts submitted and co-authorship on a patent, Prosser has contributed in a variety of ways, from spearheading research, collecting and interpreting electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) data and completing cellular toxicity assays. Prosser’s expertise in the use of EPR is actively sought after at SFU, and across Canada, and has provided a launch point for a Prosser’s more recent interest in MRI, which led to a research exchange with the group of Prof. Emily Que (U. of Texas at Austin) in 2017 with the aid of a Michael Smith Foreign Study Supplement.  Prosser has received awards for presentation at both CSC and Gordon conferences, and has been heavily involved in science outreach efforts and leadership roles.  Prosser is planning to conduct post-doctoral work in the laboratory of Prof. Seth Cohen at UC San Diego, developing libraries of metal complexes as protein inhibitors.