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Upcoming CSC Symposia

This listing provides a tentative list of symposia for the upcoming CSC meeting... Please contact organizers directly for further information regarding their symposium.

Symposium Title Organizers
Early Career Investigators - joint with BM,OR Florrie Williams (University of Alberta), Alex Speed (Dalhousie University)
Ligand Design in Metal Coordination Chemistry and Catalysis Bob Morris (University of Toronto), David Herbert (University of Manitoba)
Spectroscopy of Paramagnetic Systems - joint with PT Ramaswami Sammynaiken (University of Saskatchewan), Pierre Kennepohl (UBC Vancouver), Charles Walsby (Simon Fraser University)
Exploring Synthetic and Structural Diversity in Inorganic Fl... Michael Gerken (University of Lethbridge), Jennifer Love (University of British Columbia), Gary Schrobilgen (McMaster University)
Inorganic General Session Eric Rivard (University of Alberta)
Si Symposium: Celebrating the Chemistry of Bob West Kim Baines (Western University), Kenrick Lewis (Momentive), Paul Zelisko (Brock University)
Analytical Applications of Nanomaterials - joint with AN,MT Mark McDermott (UofA), Jean-Francois Masson (UdeM)
From the Stone Age, Bronze Age, and Beyond: Oxides, Intermet... - joint with MT Venkataraman Thangadurai (University of Calgary), Andrew Grosvenor (University of Saskatchewan)
Organic Synthesis at the Interface of Academia and the Pharm... - joint with OR Kevin Hesp (Pfizer), Rylan Lundgren (University of Alberta)
Teaching in Inorganic Chemistry - joint with CE Jason Cooke (University of Alberta)
Beauty and Function Through Supramolecular Chemistry - joint with OR Fraser Hof (University of Victoria), Stephen Loeb (University of Windsor), Mark MacLachlan (UBC Vancouver)
Fundamental Main Group Chemistry Eric Rivard (University of Alberta)
Polymetallic Assemblies: From Clusters to Molecular Material... John Corrigan (Western University), Stefanie Dehnen (Philipps-Universität Marburg)
Understanding and Conserving Ancient and Historical Material... - joint with MT,PT Thomas Ellis (University of Saskatchewan), Scott Rosendahl (Canadian Light Source)