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Upcoming CSC Symposia

This listing provides a tentative list of symposia for the upcoming CSC meeting... Please contact organizers directly for further information regarding their symposium.

Symposium Title Organizers
Accelerating Materials Discovery - joint with MT,OR Alan Aspuru-Guzik (University of Toronto), Curtis Berlinguette (University of British Columbia), Jason Hein (University of British Columbia)
AN Analytical Chemistry/Applications of Nanomaterials - joint with AN,MT Alex Brolo (University of Victoria), Russ Algar (University of British Columbia)
IN Inorganic Reaction Mechanisms Francesca Kerton (Memorial University), Frank Schaper (Université de Montréal), Christopher Kozak (Memorial University)
IN Recent Developments in Bioinorganic Chemistry Annie Castonguay (INRS), Xavier Ottenwaelder (Concordia University)
IN Celebrating Barry Lever's 50 Years as Founding Editor o... Chris Orvig (University of British Columbia), Daniel Leznoff (Simon Fraser University)
IN Main Group Molecules: from Reagents to Catalysts - joint with OR Fred Fontaine (Université Laval), Steve Westcott (Mount Allison University)
IN Dynamic Molecular Materials - joint with MT Stephen Loeb (University of Windsor), Dmitriy Soldatov (University of Guelph), Kathryn Preuss (University of Guelph)
IN Molecules and Materials for Solar Fuels Generation - joint with MT Mita Dasog (Dalhousie University), Warren Piers (University of Calgary), Janina Willkomm (University of Calgary)
IN Emerging Tools and Methodologies in Inorganic Chemistry Johanna Blacquière (The University of Western Ontario), Deryn Fogg (University of Ottawa)
IN Recent Advances in Inorganic Chemistry Fred Fontaine (Université Laval), Caleb Martin (Baylor University)
MT Solid State Chemistry - joint with MT Arthur Mar (University of Alberta), Yurij Mozharivskyj (McMaster University)
OR New Directions in Catalysis: A Symposium in Memory of Keith... - joint with OR Louis-Charles Campeau (Merck), Sophie Rousseaux (University of Toronto)