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Upcoming CSC Symposia

This listing provides a tentative list of symposia for the upcoming CSC meeting... Please contact organizers directly for further information regarding their symposium.

Symposium Titlesort descending Organizers
BM4 Bio-inorganic Chemistry - joint with BM Bernie Kraatz, University of Toronto, Deborah Zamble, University of Toronto
IN1 Transition Metal Alkyl Chemistry Ulrich Fekl (, University of Toronto, Datong Song (, University of Toronto
IN2 Transition Metal Derivatives of Non-innocent Ligands Ulrich Fekl (, University of Toronto, Datong Song (, University of Toronto
IN4 Main Group Transformations and Catalysis - joint with OR,Other Cathy Crudden (, Queen's University, Douglas Stephan (, University of Toronto
IN5 Advances in Solid State Chemistry Holger Kleinke (, University of Waterloo, Venkataram Thangadurai (, University of Calgary
IN6 Crystalline and Semi-crystalline Molecule-based Materials - joint with MT Kathryn Preuss (, University of Guelph, Dmitriy Soldatov (, University of Guelph
ING1/2/3 Inorganic General Session Bob Morris (, University of Toronto
MS1 Frontiers in Controlled Polymerization - joint with MS Parisa Mehrkhodavandi (, University of British Columbia
OR8 Recent Advances in the Generation, Utilization and Understan... Bas de Bruin, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Jean-Philip Lumb, McGill University