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Division Executive

Below are the current members of the executive of the Inorganic Division. You may also look at a searchable list of past and present members of the Inorganic Division Executive.

Laura Turculet Dalhousie University Chair email
Tim Storr Simon Fraser University Vice-Chair email
Jennifer Scott Royal Military College of Canada Treasurer e-mail
Louise Dawe Wilfrid Laurier University Secretary e-mail
Sam Johnson University of Windsor Past Chair e-mail
Tom Baker University of Ottawa ICE Director* email
Lisa Rosenberg University of Victoria CSCID Program Chair email
Jeff Warren and Charles Walsby Simon Fraser University (Mixer Chair) Member at Large
Eli Zysman-Colman St. Andrews (CSC/RSC Liaison) Member at Large email
Jamie Ritch University of Winnipeg (PUI Liaison) Member at Large email