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Divisional News

2021 Inorganic Division AGM

The CSC Inorganic Chemistry Division virtual Annual General Meeting will be taking place on July 7th, 2021 at 3PM ET.

The meeting will include discussions of:

  1. Approval of the agenda
  2. 2020 AGM minutes
  3. Report from the Chair
  4. Vice-Chair AGWIC/AURIC
  5. Report from the Treasurer
  6. Nominations
  7. CCCE/CSC conference reports
       a. 2022 program (Calgary)
       b. 2023 CCCE (Vancouver)
  8. Report on ICE program
  9. Other business

2021 Student Awards

The 2021 awards for the Award for Undergraduate Research in Inorganic Chemistry (AURIC) goes to Hootan Roshandel from the Mehrkhodavandi group at the University of British Columbia. For the Award for Graduate Work in Inorganic Chemistry (AGWIC), the award goes to QiuMing (Walter) Liang from the Song lab at the University of Toronto. Congrats to all our winners.

Congratulations to all our 2020 Award Winners

Congratulations to all of our award winners this year. The Award for Undergraduate Reserach in Inorganic Chemistry (AURIC) goes to Joseph Zurakowski from Carleton University. The Award for Graduate Work in Inorganic Chemistry (AGWIC) goes to Joseph Tassone from the Stradiotto lab at Dalhousie University.

2020 Inorganic Divison AGM

The Inorganic Divison Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held remotely this year. The meeting will be held Wednesday June 10 at 11AM Pacific Time (12PM Mountain/Central Standard, 1PM Central Daylight, 2PM Eastern, 3PM Atlantic, 3:30PM Newfoundland). For security reasons, the connection information will not be posted publicly.

2019 Inorganic Division Student Awards announced!

The AGWIC and AURIC awards for 2019 have been awarder to Kathleen Prosser and Ana Sonea, both from SFU. As has always been the case, the nominees from across the country were exceptional. We wish to extend our sincerest congratulations to both Kathleen and Ana and wish them continued success.

2018 CSC meeting is just around the corner!

The 2018 CSC meeting in Edmonton is fast approaching and the Inorganic Division is pleased to have a very exciting programme for you this year! In addition to a wide selection of symposia to attend, there are several events that deserve your attention. Some of these important events are listed in the table below.

Call for Faculty Participants in the 2018 ICE Program

ICElogo.jpgThe Inorganic Chemistry Exchange (ICE) is looking for faculty members to participate in a nation-wide exchange of enthusiastic, bright undergraduate students.

In a nutshell, the program matches students from participating departments across Canada with supervisors at a host department. The student is expected to apply to the NSERC USRA competition at the host university.